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Valkyrie Slots


Will the beautiful Valkyries choose you to be a BIG WINNNER? Just as they welcomed the bravest warriors to Valhalla, they will beckon you to come SPIN the reels and HIT THE JACKPOT. Do you have the heroic strength of the great Norse warriors? Show the gods that you are a WINNER today when you download and play Valkyries Slots.*****Game Features*****► Whether you are a fan of Norse gods or a fan of the Cruise movie the HD Graphics and HD Sound of this slot will leave you wanting more!► Playing more lines means more chances for BIGGER wins!► Get tips on new slots in the Other Games section of the app.► Level up and earn extras that would please Thor or Odin or any of the mythical gods.► Why not Double Down? You really want to WIN BIG!!► Spin those reels long enough and you will get free coins!► Do have an IOS or Android device? Doesn’t matter the Valkyries choose BOTH!
Have you tried DragonPlay or Hollywood Slots? Maybe you prefer the mighty queen in Cleopatra Egyptian Slots or the bling of Vegas Slots. Valkyrie Slots will surely be the next one you choose. Play free with a download from the App Store or from Google Play.
Do you like deciding the fate of others? You have probably heard about the beauty of the Valkyries and the role they played in deciding which of the bravest of the fallen warriors would become a part of Odin’s great forces in Valhalla in the world known as Asgard. Perhaps your only brush with this word is the Cruise movie? The one thing you do know is that you are making your choice and it is WINNING. That’s right folks; you are going to step right up and start spinning those reels and you plan to WIN BIG. When the choice is playing to WIN or simply not playing at all you know just what those gods of Nordic myth would do. You are going to be a WINNER!
Thunder roars and lightning crackles across the sky. The mighty Thor is ready for you to be the luckiest of the inhabitants of Midgard, the earthly world. Have no fear! You will earn tons of coins!! Bonuses seem to keep coming out of nowhere. You know you have made the right choice because Valkyrie Slots are the LUCKIEST slots you have ever seen! You are surely going to be one HAPPY WINNER!! Visit the App Store or Google Play and in next to no time you will be SPINNING AND WINNING!!
Fans Say:“Love this app!”“It seems like all I do is spin to win!”“The stunning graphics have me mesmerized!”“Winning with Valkyrie slots is so easy.”“I pick this game up whenever I need a boost…winning feels soooo good!”